Central PS Tips Clergy

CENTRAL Province Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale says the clergy’s involvement in criminals activities is tearing communities apart and has to stop.

Ms Mutale said in the recent past, there had been reports of pastors engaging in activities such as abuse of church finances, aggravated robbery, defilements and sexual abuse, among others. She and feared that they would destroy the church if not stopped.

Speaking in Kabwe when she officiated at the Love Africa Mission conference yesterday, she said there was need for the clergy t live exemplary lives if the country was to uphold the Christian values.

“It is saddening to see that in today’s society a number of men and women of the cloth being involved in criminal acts and some are appearing in the courts of law, while others have been convicted,” she said .

She was quick to point out that while people should not rush to judge the clergy, such reports reflected badly on the church, which was supposed to good values.

She said there was need to reflect and repent by changing the way Christians conducted themselves if they were to win more souls to God. She also called for unity and love, as the country celebrated its independence.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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