Central PS Hails Church for Helping Needy

Province Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale says Government appreciates the role of the church in providing education, health and other services in the country. Ms Mutale said such responsibilities should not be left to Government alone and was happy that the Church was helping to supplement these efforts.

Speaking during the launch of Kingdom General Ministries international of River of Life Tabernacle church, Ms Mutale said Government was happy with the church’s involvement in uplifting the lives of women and children in rural areas. She said it was gratifying that the church would also be involved in capacity building and that Government would always support such ventures.

“As Central Province administration, we are looking forward to enhancing relationship with the Kingdom Generals Ministries International which will go beyond the launch because there is a lot to be done in serving the people,” she said.

She said the launch of the programme had come at the time when Zambia was in the countdown of its golden jubilee celebrations. Speaking earlier, Kingdom General Ministries chairperson Gladys Nyirongo said it was committed to partnering with Government in supporting women, child and youths in society.

Reverend Nyirongo, who is former Lands minister in the MMD Government said the ministry would target rural women who in most times were left out. She reaffirmed the church’s commitment to ensuring that the vulnerable were supported morally and spiritually.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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