Cash Queries in Report Untrue, Says Lusaka

Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka has dismissed allegations of funds embezzlement. He was responding to a quarterly report by the assembly finance and economic planning committee, which raised accounting queries. Speaking to the Star in his office yesterday, Lusaka said most of the issues in the report do not raise alarm.

“The issues stem from lack of information,” he said. Lusaka said heads of relevant departments are willing to testify before the committee. The report was tabled by Mihuu ward MCA John Nanyakha on Tuesday. Lusaka said the report erroneously cited an allocation of Sh26 million for a coffee miller and a tomatoes processing plant that are non-existent.

“The county government allocated Sh15 million to a plant in Musese because coffee farmers had already paid half of the money and were unable to clear the balance,” he said. Lusaka said no taxpayers money has ben allocated to the tomato processing plant.

He said the confusion arises from the county government returning money back to the National Treasury at the end of the financial year.

Source : The Star

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