Binge Drinking Worries State

GOVERNMENT has called on parents to promote good morals in their children so that they grow into decent adults that will contribute to national development. Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge said there is need for parents not only to take responsibility of their children’s needs but also promote good morals.

He expressed sadness at the number of pupils in the province that were suspended from school for engaging in binje drinking and other ilicit activities. Last week, 42 pupils at Naboonga Trust School in Chingola were charged for allegedly taking part in a sex party.

Barely a month earlier, six pupils were suspended and six excluded at Sathya Sai School in Pamodzi Township in Ndola for engaging in sexual activities. Mr Musenge also called on the local authorities in the country to strengthen laws that restrict under age bar patronage.

He also called on supermarkets and other shops to stop the sale of alcohol to under age children as this was promoting immoral behaviour among the younger generation.

“It is important for parents not only to provide needs for their children but also to promote good morals in their children. Parents should also take keen interest in their children’s behaviour and activities.

“It is sad to read about pupils being suspended from schools because of engaging in sexual activities,” he said.

The Minister also urged parents to work hand in hand with the school authorities in ensuring that their children do not get involved in illicit activities that might ruin their future.

Mr Musenge appealed to all pupils in the country to become responsible for their lives as they were the future generation that the country depended on.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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