’Benefits’ Munkombwe Fed Up With New Constitution Calls

Veteran politician Daniel Munkombwe says he is fed up with calls for a new constitution.

Munkombwe, widely regarded as the godfather of politics of benefits, said a new constitution could lead to the fall of the government.

He said there was no need for the Patriotic Front to give Zambians a new constitution when UNIP had failed to give Zambians a new constitution.

Munkombwe, who traditionally tailors his views alongside the ruling party’s mantra, said only an amendment would be worth doing for Zambia.

“Why this talk of a new constitution as if we have no constitution, everyday constitution, everyday constitution,” he said.

“You know some constitutions which were mishandled elsewhere as I know have made governments fall. Some countries even near have never been the same anymore because of rapping to some style.”

He added: “Why did we fail in UNIP to write a new constitution? Why did UNIP not write a new constitution other than amending it?”

The PF has refused to give in to demands to give Zambians a new constitution despite having pledged to do so within 90 days of being in power.

President Michael Sata has since told his government to ignore anyone talking about a new constitution.

Civil society organizations and the church and the banner of a grand coalition have launched a nationwide campaign to push for the immediate release of the draft constitution.

Source : Zambia Reports

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