BASF Chief Tips On Weed Chemicals

FARMERS should take aantage of the availability of chemicals used to destroy weeds in maize and other fields in the country. BASF country manager Jeremiah Shakubanza said the introduction of the chemical, stellar star, on the Zambian market would enhance the agriculture performance.

Mr Shakubanza said the introduction of the chemical follows a research on its effectiveness and ensuring that the product benefit the farmers in the country. Mr Shakubanza said in an interview at the just -ended Agritech Expo in Chisamba that the chemical was an answer to farmers as it was effective and had been endorsed by users of the product.

He explained that apart from killing weeds the farmers would also be saving money set aside to pay people for weeding in maize fields. He said the chemical was sprayed between three or five weeks after the maize had grown as well as whenever weeds developed.

Mr Shakubanza said the introduction of the product on the market was aimed at encouraging farmers to expand their fields and join hands in growing the economy without worrying about the weed. He said he was happy with the response received so far from the farmers and that the company would ensure that the counterfeit products were not allowed.

“With the use of our product one does not need to worry about the manpower or money to pay those assisting to remove weeds,” he said. He said BASF is the largest chemicals and agriculture research company in Germany which currently is operating in Zambia. He paid tribute to the organisers of the expo saying it provided a platform to market products.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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