Agric Show – Time to Break New Ground

THE Zambia Agriculture and Commercial Show (ZACS) which kick-started in Lusaka on Wednesday this week yet again offers a platform for business interactions and transactions.

By bringing together the potential sellers and buyers under one centre, the show has, for 88 years running, provided an opportunity for enhancement of economic activities among organisations and individuals from various sectors.

There is, therefore, need for stakeholders and individual members of the public to take aantage of this avenue to cut deals with others, what with the presence of 20 foreign exhibitors this year.

From the agriculture sector point, the exhibits on display will exemplify this year’s bumper harvest recorded by such strategic crops as maize.

We believe the show will further be used to showcase the results of the much-talked-about crop diversification that the Government has embarked on.

The national event provides an opportunity to the farmers, the Government and other stakeholders to reflect on the performance of the sector and plan ahead for the next farming season.

The presence of firms offering specialised products like seeds, fertilisers and agricultural implements makes the event even more cardinal as experts in these areas are always on hand to provide information to both farmers and potential farmers.

Therefore, the show is beneficial to the firms, farmers as well as members of the public who would want to learn more about the performance of this important sector.

From the commercial side, the show proffers yet another opportunity to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and other players in the production and distribution chain for them to market their goods and services.

Its capacity to bring parties to possible transactions together makes it a much-looked-forward to event on the calendar of companies, more so those struggling to market their goods and services.

Like the agro sector, the event will also illustrate some of the economic successes the commercial sector has scored in the last one year and some results of economic diversification being currently pursued in the country.

It gives an opportunity even to the economic observers to take stock of the strides which have been made generally and savour some of the ‘fruits’ of these strides.

We are, therefore, optimistic that the 88th Agriculture and Commercial Show being held under the theme ‘Breaking New Ground’ with the subtheme ‘Commemorating 50 years of Zambia’s Independence’, will live up to that premise.

It will help spur economic activities through increased transactions following the marketing which will take place between Wednesday, when the gates were first opened to the members of the public and next week Monday when the event ends.

We also note that the Agriculture and Commercial Show Society of Zambia (ACSZ) has staked K11.3 million in hosting this auspicious event.

We would, therefore, like to commend the society for this investment, which is a great contribution towards national development as already alluded to.

The deployment of 1,000 police officers, other officers from seven private security firms, 200 cadets and 100 scouts cannot just pass without special commendation, given the turnout of some pickpocket and other criminally-minded citizens who would want to take aantage of the show-goers.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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