Address the Nation, Sakwiba Tells Sata

Prominent Lusaka lawyer and politician Sakwiba Sikota has punched holes into hyperbole angling of President Michael Sata’s trip from Brussels where the public media have been falling over each other parroting the Head of State’s facebook page.

Sikota, who is also United Liberal Party president, said President Sata should hold a press conference to highlight the successes scored at the Africa Union-EU summit.

“Nice to see President Sata is back from Europe in what we are told was a successful trip,” Saki wrote on his social media page facebook.

“Since he is much misunderstood I hope his handlers will arrange a date for him with the Zambian people to allow him to brief the Zambian people on the achievements and highlights of his trip.”

He added: “This will also provide an opportunity for him to reassure the business community and bolster confidence in our economy and currency. A good press conference from the President would do wonders for our stricken Kwacha.”

President Sata has since assuming office in 2011 never held a press conference preferring to only address the nation through his routine swearing in ceremonies that have been ever present throughout his rein.

Source : Zambia Reports

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