Address Kitwe Land Saga

KITWE City Council aertised about 1,800 medium and low cost plots in Ndeke and Chamboli townships. These plots were being sold at K250 for low cost and K300 for high cost per application form.

However, there was no sketch plan with plot numbers for applicants to choose from and compete for, instead the aert read that the application money was non refundable. Furthermore, the council printed 15,000 forms against 1,800 plots available.

There is enough land to cater for everybody if the council is faithful in its dealings instead of creating partial land shortages and cause scramble for land. Plot interviews started on March 10, 2014 and ended on March 27 this year and the ratio on offer of plots was high as many people competed for a small number of plots.

People voted anonymously for PF on the Copperbelt and particularly in Kitwe so that the wrong things the MMD was doing could be stopped, but some Kitwe councilors have gone too far in terms of corruption especially in land allocation.

Some councilors are damaging the image of the party and its leader President Michael Sata. Some councillors are not even ashamed by asking for money from the electorates who voted them into those positions.

If somebody wanted to prove that there was corruption in the process, suspend it and ask independent people re-interview people who applied for plots in Kitwe.

These councillors are not serving the people who voted them. Otherwise, the Patriotic Front will start losing seats at grassroots level on the Copperbelt if the vice is not addressed.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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