ACC Doing a Good Job

IMAGINE the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) investigating high profile cases involving Government officials! This means that there is a revolution going on in Zambia, in the form of fighting corruption.

The current zero tolerance on corruption in Zambia has made President Michael Sata’s government a shining star, more especially that the ACC does not seek permission from the appointing authority when investigating ministers. To scale-up the PF’s corruption fight, the ACC should also encourage all the districts in the country to be actively involved in the fight against corruption.

However, has the ACC thought of starting an annual competition and awards for the districts aimed at promoting the fight against corruption?

Perhaps, give them national recognition by way of trophies and certificates annually.

This anti-corruption campaign should also focus on the youth because they are the leaders of tomorrow.

There is need to train the youth to develop integrity in what they do.

There is also need to organise anti-corruption awareness campaigns in high schools and tertiary institutions as well as include the topic in the school curriculum.

In government, it should be mandatory for all high-level officials, from the president down to judges and controlling-officers in ministries, to declare their assets before, during, and after, leaving office.

Also all civil servants in charge of the management of public funds have to declare their assets.

Mubanga Luchembe


Source : The Times of Zambia

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