Abuse Against Women, Girls Worrying

Women and girls in Zambia are continuously facing outrageous discrimination and violations of their human rights. Everyday in the media there are stories of Gender Based Violence (GBV) such as defilement cases, early marriages and other forms of discrimination and abuse against women.

Violence against women and girls has bad and serious affects on our society. The recent increase in cases of alcohol abuse, sexual immorality, high HIV infection rate among youths has been as a result of moral breakdown and violence against women. Women and girls must be empowered through equal access to education, resources and equal opportunities for full participation and leadership.

The 21st century has to be different for every woman and girl because when born, one should not necessarily face a life of hardship and disaantage.

Together we must ensure that women are safe and secure from GBV and that all human rights should be respected, including reproductive rights of women.

So let us build on the lessons learnt and make wise and bold progress as we work to achieve a dream society free from discrimination against women, for the benefit of all.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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