Ms. Constance Swaniker, the Founder and President of Design and Technology Institute (DTI ), has called for the creation of entrepreneurship and innovation hubs within schools to incubate start-up companies.

She said this would provide budding entrepreneurs access to impact capital to nurture and drive entrepreneurship among graduates to reduce the overreliance of the graduates on the government for jobs.

Ms Swaniker was speaking at fourth graduation of the Institute with 217 learners.

She said, ‘our engineering, applied sciences, and skill-based programmes need competency-based learning.’

The Founder said stakeholders must ensure that if the engineering training demanded that the students rolled up their sleeves and get their hands dirty, so must it be.

She said they must begin to pay attention to the health and safety in the laboratories and workshops, mimicking how professional industrial settings were set up.

‘We do not need more lawyers but engineers, architects, fabricators, industrialists, creat
ive artists,

and real nation builders to drive the country’s industrialisation agenda,’ she added.

These are the real sectors that have the potential to create jobs and promote economic growth.

She said as a country, ‘we continue to be bedevilled with poverty, poor work ethics and time management, a lack of self-motivation, low productivity, and a general lack of honesty and integrity.’

Ms Swaniker said to produce whole-quality graduates (of character) for the nation, issues of integrity, selflessness, maturity, emotional stability, and the ability to work with little or no supervision and in a team were essential considerations in DTI’s approach to the training the youth received.

She said they ensure that their graduates develop 21st-century learning skills often called the four C’s, critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration and communication.

He said DTI provided equal opportunities and believed that all young people should have a fair chance to succeed in life and be given access to qualit
y education to reach any job, profession, or position

Mrs Julianna Asamoah-Krodua, Coordinator of Student Affairs at DTI, said, ‘our learners have shown outstanding academic excellence, not only in their assessments but also in their everyday commitment to learning.’

She said their dedication was a testament to the quality of education they received and the tireless efforts of the facilitators and supporting staff.

She said DTI remained dedicated to fostering an inclusive and diverse learning environment.

‘We firmly believe that embracing diversity enriches our collective experiences and prepares our learners for the realities of the world beyond our institution’s walls,’ she added.

‘We equip them with essential skills to thrive in the challenging outside terrain, including anger management, stress coping mechanisms, and time management skills,’ she added.

She said DTI was committed to maintaining its position as a center of Technical and Vocational educational excellence in Ghana and across Africa.

Dzigbordi Kwaku-Dooso, Founder and CEO of DCG Consulting Group, commended the Management team for support in equipping these students with the appropriate skills set for the future.

She called on the graduates to demonstrate all the skills acquired to contribute to the development of the economy the betterment of their families.

‘Everything learnt in the classroom needs to be exhibited at the workplace to make it enjoyable,’ she added.

Source: Ghana News Agency