Vanuatu Trade Commission supports ATU in AI training

The Accra Technical University (ATU) has benefited from a grant of $1 million from the Vanuatu Trade Commission (VTC) to train students and staff of the University in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and applied research.

Under the package, the Commission will sponsor an ATU International Conference with the ESDEV Foundation Africa in Accra on the theme: ‘ Unlocking Africa’s Youth Potential for Socio-Economic Transformation.’

Professor Amevi Acakpovi, the Acting Vice-Chancellor, ATU, announced this at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between VTC and the University in Accra.

The collaboration represented a significant journey for both institutions to explore a robust exchange of knowledge, resources, and expertise in AI.

The Professor said one of the key components of the collaboration was the establishment of dedicated AI training at ATU.

He said there was the need to embrace new ways of doing things to remain current and relevant to the job market.

‘At ATU, we believe in the transformative powe
r of technology to drive innovation, solve complex problems, and improve the lives of our societies.

‘Through the partnership, we are committed to harnessing the potential of AI to address pressing challenges and foster sustainable development in our respective regions,’ he said.

Research has revealed that AI will replace 85 million jobs globally by 2025.

He commended the Commission for their commitment to support the University and for harnessing AI for positive change.

Prof Acakpovi expressed confidence that the partnership would pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries, innovative solutions, and meaningful impact.

On April 30, 2024, the Commission launched the AI Africa training at the British Council in Ghana, which will train and equip approximately five million African youth with relevant skills.

Prof Hugh Keku Aryee, the Vanuatu Trade Commissioner to Ghana, pledged to provide all the learning materials for the training in solving complex challenges.

He said ATU was the first institution in th
e country to receive the grant to equip the staff and students to thrive in the digital space.

The collaboration, he stressed, was a shared commitment to innovation, education, and the advancement of technology in the world.

Dr Dave King Boison, Chief Executive Officer, Knowledge Web Centre, said the training would focus on prompt engineering, deep learning, and machine learning.

He advised Universities to inculcate the study of AI in their curricula since the 4th industrial revolution required the knowledge of AI to champion the course of development.

Mr Samuel Dawson, President of the ATU Student Representative Council, commended the collaboration to enhance the student experience and shape them to be fit for purpose.

Vanuatu is a conglomeration of about 80 islands located in the south-western Pacific Ocean.

Source: Ghana News Agency