The Akenten Appiah-Menka University for Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED), in partnership with DRIVERIDE NETWORK, has commenced Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training of commercial and private drivers in Ghana.

The training programme is part of efforts to develop a stronger linkage between the University, industry players, and the community to ensure safety on the country’s roads

AAMUSTED was established by Act 1026 of the Parliament of Ghana and assented to by the President in 2020 to provide technical and vocational education and entrepreneurial development.

Professor Humphrey Danso, Dean of the Faculty of Technical Education at the University, during a closing session of a two-day training for some selected drivers in Kumasi, stated that, AAMUSTED had identified with keen interest, the need for structured training and entrepreneurial development of professional drivers in the country to provide safe and customer-centered transport services to Ghanaians.

According t
o him, the University sought to institute curricula within the context of learner-centered and problem-based learning techniques that were practical and relevant to technical and vocational education and training, as well as undertake research in courses that were within its mandate.

For this reason, he said the University was ready to roll out the CPD training for Ghanaian drivers to help them obtain the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) approved licenses to ensure safety on the roads.

The professional training modules according to him, included Driver Skills Development Program (DSDP), Continuing Education on Commercial Drivers (CECD), and Continue Education of Private Drivers (CEPD), amongst others.

Prof. Danso said recent events leading to the loss of many lives on our roads were enough evidence to call for action from government, mandated agencies, religious leaders, civil society organizations, corporate Ghana, and individuals to change the narratives on the roads.

He added that, already
AAMUSTED had acquired the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) Driving School Operating License to train drivers.

He said a full certificated programme for degrees would be in Driver Science Skills Development training, whilst diploma certificates would focus on Driver Science Skills Development training.

Other certificate training programmes would include Driver Science Skills Development and Driver Skills Development, Vulcanizing Proficiency, Novice Trainers, and Licensing.

Commercial Professional Driver and Private Professional Driver Training would be awarded certificates after short course training programs.

Mr. Augustus Kwaw Brew, the Registrar, advised the drivers to take the training seriously to improve their driving science skills and get acquainted with the current trend in driving.

He thanked the facilitators and the organizers of the training for beginning the implementation of the Drive Skills Development Programme (DSDP) and hoped for its sustainability.

In all, there were ninete
en participants for the first session and were thought in areas such; driver risk appreciation, driving hazards perception and management, emotions in motion (emotional intelligence in driving), essential vehicle preventive maintenance, driving psychology, professional responsibilities in driver and vehicle safety, and practical sessions.

All nineteen participants were awarded Certificates of Participation at the end of the training for the first sessions.

Some of the participants expressed gratitude to the University, saying it was timely initiative, especially at a time when there was too much indiscipline on the roads

Source: Ghana News Agency