Tunisians abroad can obtain a mobile identity via “E-Houwiya” platform, MFA announcesNDC will not support changes in the voting calendar – Mahama

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad announced on Sunday that members of the Tunisian community abroad can now obtain their mobile identity through the “E-Houwiya” platform, launched in coordination with the Ministry of Communication Technologies.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that “E-Houwiya” allows remote access to the citizens’ portal, the retrieval of civil documents and the receipt of notifications regarding driving licences and vehicle documents.

It also allows the remote conclusion of online electronic contracts by supporting the electronic signature and the creation of electronic wallets linked to mobile identity.

It provides the service of registering mobile devices and digital tablets and viewing the list of devices registered in their name through the Citizen Space and other services available without geographical limitations, the statement added.

The ministry said that since January 12, 2024, around 2,000 Tunisian citizens
abroad have registered for the “E-Houwiya” mobile identity application.

The Ministry of Communication Technologies has started sending the link to the platform and organising virtual appointments to activate the service and provide the necessary technical support.

This mobile identity is linked to a private mobile phone and is valid for 3 years and can be renewed remotely. Its use will enable citizens abroad to improve communication with the Tunisian administration in an immediate and secure manner, the ministry said.

In this regard, the Ministry of Communication Technologies invited Tunisians abroad to participate in the pilot phase of the launch of the use of the mobile digital identity application “E-Houwiya” by filling in the electronic form at the following link:

It added that this pilot experiment will continue until the end of February.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Mr John Dramani Mahama, former President and the Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), says the party will not support any changes made to the voting calendar.

He said the NDC did not find the proposal by the Electoral Commission (EC) for a change in date for the elections from December to November feasible nor helpful and would not support that.

Mr Mahama was speaking in Ho at a workshop to sharpen the skills and enhance the knowledge of the Minority Caucus in Parliament for effective delivery of their mandate.

The former President said the EC must concern itself with getting the basics right and ensure full readiness for the election ‘before seeking to bite what it does not need to chew.’

He bemoaned the fact that the EC had not yet produced a calendar of events for the year, and advised the electoral body to concentrate on getting fully prepared for the elections instead of ‘proposing bizarre changes to the voting schedule.

Mr Mahama said using the Ghana card as the only form of identi
ty for registration would not ensure inclusivity because doing so would deprive many citizens of their right to vote.

‘The Ghana card is a relatively new feature of our national life and had its merits in the scheme of things, however, at the moment, it is being brandish more as a political tool around which all manner of schemes are being fashioned towards elections,’ he said.

Mr Mahama said until full coverage was achieved in the roll-out of the card, space had to be made for those who were yet to be served in order to exercise their democratic right to vote.

‘The National Identification Authority cannot claim to have covered every Ghanaian who should be registered or distributed all the cards printed to those who have been captured in their system.’

On the issues of continuous registration, he said: ‘We demand that the process must necessarily include a system that enables all political parties and relevant stakeholders to possess the capacity to monitor to avoid fraud and exploitation to the undue adv
antage of any of the political stakeholders.’

Source: Ghana News Agency