Sunyanimanhene Funeral: Traditional Council announces fireworks

The Sunyani Traditional Council has announced some fireworks in Sunyani as the Council commences the pre-burial funeral rites of the late paramount chief of Sunyani, Nana Bosoma Asor Nkrawiri II.

The Sunyani Traditional Council (STC) announced the demise of Nana Nkrawiri on Tuesday, July 25, 2023, and had subsequently set his pre-burial and funeral rites for Monday April 1 to Sunday April 7.

Known in private life as Christian Kwaakye, Nana Nkrawiri was a retired educationist, born on May 31, 1946, and became the Paramount Chief of Sunyani on Monday, March 17, 1980.

The Funeral Planning Committee, as tradition demands, the fireworks would be carried out on Tuesday April 2, 2024, around 2200 hours, and urged the public to be cautious about their movements in the night.

Meanwhile, the Sunyani Municipal Directorate of Education has ordered the closure of all basic schools in the Municipality effective Tuesday April 2 as the pre-burial funeral rites of the late paramount chief commenced.

A statement issued an
d signed by Mr Mark Godfred Domah, the Sunyani Municipal Director of Education, directed all basic school heads to comply with the directive.

Source: Ghana News Agency