Néjib Chebbi urges boycott of elections, calls for national dialogue

Spokesperson for the National Salvation Front Ahmed Nejib Chebbi urged the boycott of December 24 local elections and called for a national dialogue to chart a way out of the crisis.

“There is need for a national dialogue; this would provide Tunisians with the opportunity to discuss their future by means of holding early legislative and presidential elections that would steer the country out of the crisis,” Chebbi Monday told a press conference in Tunis. A new transition period is also needed, he added.

Local eletions are of no interest to Tunisians, Chebbi further said. They likewise do no meet international standards of democracy.

Local elections “are not currently a priority for Tunisians as they are immensly concerned over the inhuman state of affairs in Gaza.”

“The majority of Tunisians do not agree with the political project of President Kaïs Saïed as testify to that low turnout rates in the referendum on the constitution, national consultations and the legislative elections,”Chebbi highlighted.

ource: EN – Agence Tunis Afrique Presse