Tunis: The Tunisian Association Ibsar for Culture and Entertainment of the Visually Impaired announced, Monday, the organization of a competition for the best journalistic work which advocated for the rights of the disabled, adding that the deadline is July 7.

In a statement issued on Monday, Ibsar, clarified that the journalistic productions can be either news articles, investigations, news reports or written on electronic, audio-visual or paper material.

The theme of the competition focuses on advocating the rights of persons with disabilities to access the beach and fully enjoy it under Article 54 of the 2022 Constitution, Convention on the Rights of Person with Diasbilities (CRPD) and the legislation in force, the same source said.

According to the Ibsar association, several prizes including flight tickets and electronic gadgets will be awarded to the winners.

Candidates send their work via the following link: https://bitly/4bPII8F

The prizes will be awarded during a ceremony which will be held late
in July 2024.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse