BNI bank brings back Moneygram transfer service

The Banco de Negócios Internacional (BNI) bank resumed on Monday the money transfer service called Moneygram in order to facilitate the transaction of values abroad for its clients.

According to a press release, which ANGOP had access to, the limit of money to send is 2,524,005 kwanzas equivalent to USD 5000 every month per customer.

According to the document, the strategic partnership between BNI and Moneygram (one of the main international players of money transfer and payment services) will allow customers, in a first phase, to use the service in 35 branches spread across the country.

The note revealed that the same partnership will facilitate the sending of money, in a fast way, to more than 200 countries, in which Moneygram is currently operating.

It also explains that the transfers of the amounts to be moved will be made and received in Kwanza currency, depending on the availability of the existing amount and the regulatory limits defined by the National Reserve Bank of Angola.

According to BNI´s board of directors, the date is relevant, not only because it resumes work, with a partner that has always been there, but also because it once again makes available a service that is of extreme importance to its customers.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)